Renaissance villa in Florence countryside just 7km from center

Villa La Medicea - Country House


From the original vault entry arch you come into the main courtyard in terracotta and pietra serena decorated with large ancient vases (made in the famous terracotta ovens of Impruneta) and lemon trees. From here, you can enjoy a wide panoramic view of the surrounding Tuscan countryside.

The villa, built in stone and covered in ochre-colored plaster, has two floors while one corner with a tower offers one of the apartments a third level with arched windows allowing a 360° view of the landscape.

The monumental park
Exclusive to the Villa

The ancient Renaissance entry road with its roundabout and cypresses through which horse drawn carriages used to reach the villa passes through the large monumental park that surrounds the villa. Its importance is such that the park in under the protection of the ministry of Italy's Historical and Architectural Heritage.

In summer, the park offers ours guests the possibility to walk or bike through it under the protective shade of its oaks and larch trees, among the wild berry bushes, squirrels and roe deer.

The pool

Guests can enjoy a dip in the cool water of the pool located just a few steps from the main garden, surrounded by the green vegetation of the garden and centuries-old grove of olive trees.

The vegetation surrounding it renders the pool completely private from any casual onlookers while its position on the hillside allows guests to enjoy an enchanting view of the valley.

The pool was created following Eco-compatible principles: no PVC or plastic, just plaster in golden sand color; no chlorine to sterilize the water but a modern system that uses marine salt to keep it clean.

The pool has an area with just a few centimeters of water: the perfect foreshore for enjoying the sun while being refreshed by the water as well as particularly adapt for small children.