Renaissance villa in Florence countryside just 7km from center

History of the Villa La Medicea


Villa Corsini di Mezzomonte

The villa at Mezzomonte was a fortified farm estate and records date ownership to the Buondelmonti family in the year 1000.

In the 1300s, the farm estate was transformed by the Barducci Ottavanti family into a lordly manor and estate with the villa built in “pietra forte”.

In 1480, the property of the estate passed to Lorenzo il Magnifico, Florence's great ruling family, and a century later the building was radically transformed into the then-current architectural style that we recognize today as a Renaissance villa.

In 1644, the estate passed from the Medici to the Corsini family and since then it has constituted an important part of the historical Florentine family's patrimony.

Today, the villa Corsini of Mezzomonte with its medieval tower continues to guard the surrounding countryside and the hills of Chianti.


Villa La Medicea

The exact same extraordinary architecture is present in the Villa La Medicea as the annex to the main Villa Corsini di Mezzomonte shared the Renaissance project that transformed the entire estate. Villa La Medicea also stands a witness to the numerous, important historical events accompanied by great receptions and illustrious guests that the estate has welcomed over the centuries.

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